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Strengthening Creative Industries in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Heritage Crafts – Common Platform for Development
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The project addresses the Creative industries and particularly the field of Heritage Crafts, which in turn includes traditional handicraft, museum sources and applied arts.
Creative Industries are gaining increased importance in the current international cultural policies. Recent studies stress the important role of Creative Industries in stimulating economic development of different countries worldwide. Hence, the notion of culture as a catalyst of economic growth is introduced in various international agendas and documents, such as Lisbon Strategy (2000-2010), UNESCO conventions of the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005, Paris), European Agenda for Culture in a Globalizing World, etc.

Given their creative nature and market value, cultural industries are considered to be a cross-sector issue, lying in-between culture and economy. Therefore along with the aesthetic value of heritage crafts, the action also stresses on its economic capacity, and thus represents the innovative approach to this field.  

The action is aimed to develop the conductive environment for further sustainable development of the Creative Industries, particularly of Heritage Crafts sector in participant countries and to contribute to the cooperation among them and the EU through its main components, which are:

  • Assessment Studies and Policy Elaboration, which includes baseline survey and mapping of heritage Crafts sector; Determination of needs and elaboration of  recommendations for the further development of the field on the bases of the best international practices; 
  • Capacity Building and Product testing: Workshop in European cultural policies and cultural statistics; targeted trainings for cultural operators in Heritage Crafts business management and entrepreneurship, international market oriented innovative product development; promotion,  local and international marketing etc.;  product testing at local and European fairs.
  • Awareness raising campaign for wider audiences on Heritage Crafts sector as a source for economic growth and job creation through different media outreach, the international conference “Culture for economic development” and other promotional materials;
  • Networking: Development of partnerships and network of artists, craftspeople and cultural workers through the web-site and other networking tools and integration to the European networks.

Project Leading Partner - Georgian Arts and Culture Center
Project Partners
Arkanel NGO; Associated partner
: Economic Affairs Office, Tbilisi City Hall; Georgian National Tourism Agency; Europe House


Main Activities
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April 2, 2014 - GACC team Ana Shanshiashvili and Irina Mania presented the study “Traditional Applied Art in Georgia- Analysis of current situation” conducted in the frames of the project at Chubinashvili National Research Centre of Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation.

February 27, 2014 –Georgian arts and Culture Center  hold the closing and wrap-up meeting of the European Union Eastern Partnership Culture Programme's Project `HERITAGE CRAFTS - COMMON PLATFORM FOR DEVELOPMENT - Strengthening Creative Industries in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan-February, 2012 – March, 2014` at Conference Hall of National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

February 17, 2014 - Ecosfera , project partner from Azerbaijan, organized the final wrap up of the project in the Excesiour Hotel, Baku. The event was attended my government representatives, Georgian partners of the project, crafts producers and various related organization. Ecosfera presented the final results of the project, implemeted activities and future plans

January 31, 2014 The wrap up of the project was held at the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister, representatives of related departments of ministry, Gerogian partners of the project and craft producers. Arkanel presented the final results of the project, main activities implemented during two years, main results of the project and future plans

The guide Heritage Crafts Studios in Georgia have been published. It contains information on the active studios of different technological groupd throught the Georgia. See e-version

November 30 - December 8, 2013. The winner products from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia had been presented on the annual International Gift Fair L`ARTIGIANO IN FIERA. Each country had its own separated space for the display. Despite the competitive atmosphere, the South Caucasus craft products were distinguished for their individuality and high level of craftsmanship.

September 26-28, 2013 International Conference “NOTION OF CULTURE AS A FORCE FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH – NEW APPROACH FOR SOUTH CAUCASUS” have been held at Hotel Radisson Blue Iveria, Tbilisi. The international conference aimed to introduce the notion of “culture economics” for South Caucasus Countries, to share Western professional experience and to raise public awareness on the perspectives of culture-economy integrated approach. The conference was attended by different Georgian and international specialists of the field. Culture as a source for economic development is widely recognized in international studies and practices. Download the Proceedings of the confenerce.

September 26- 28, 2013 The final round of the contest “The best heritage crafts from South Caucasus” was held in Radisson Blue Iveria. The aim of the contest was to reveal the market oriented innovative Heritage crafts Products with Export Potential, which at the same time keep their links with traditions. The contest hosted te works from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Consortium of the Partners of the EU EPCP project “Heritage Crafts – Common Platform for Development - Strengthening Creative Industries in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia:” announces the exhibition/contest “The Best Heritage Crafts from South Caucasus”. The deadline for the submission of applications is July 15, 2013. See the full text of Announcement and download the Application form

Call for Papers - for the International Conference Notion of Culture as a force for Economic Growth, new approach for South Caucasus” is now announced. The conference will be held on September 26-28, 2013, Tbilisi Georgia. The Call is open till June 15, 2013. See the full text of announcelemt

October 29- December 2, 2012 - Workshops in European Policies for Culture and CreativeIndustries Heritage Crafts - International Practices and Local Application Possibilities and Cultural Statistic Tools for representatives of Armenia, Azerbaihjan and Georgia have been held in Tbilisi. The workshops was provided by the International Expert, Dr Simon Ellis

June 1, 2012 - The field works for the feasibility study of the Heritage Crafts sectors in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia had been stared. The studies are conducted in the frames of the two year project  - “Strengthening Creative Industries in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Heritage Crafts – Common Platform for Development” funded by EU Eastern Partnership Culture programme (European Neighborhood Partnership Instrument)  

May 23.2012 - GACC organised the Crafts experts meeting /focus group. proj ect “Strengthening Creative Industries in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Heritage Crafts – Common Platform for Development” funded by EU Eastern Partnership Culture programme

March 22, 2012- Project Official presentation of the project “Strengthening Creative Industries in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Heritage Crafts – Common Platform for Development”.in Georgian

March 30 - April 14, 2012 - International Consultant Mr. Indrasen Vencatachelume visited Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. he provides the consultations of local teams and trainings of trainees. The visit had been held in the frames of project “Strengthening Creative Industries in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Heritage Crafts – Common Platform for Development” funded by EU Eastern Partnership Culture programme

February 6, 2012 - GACC hosted the first meeting of Georgian Partners. The meeting had been attended by the representatives of Economic Affairs Office of Tbilisi City Hall, Georgian National Tourism Administration, Europe House and Georgian Arts and Culture Center. Had been discussed the methodology and working plan of the implementation of the project, defined the members of Steering committee and identified the date of official project launch

February 1, 2012 - Date of Project's official start



Useful uinformation
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To be included in Crafts Actors' database contact project country offices:

Armenia: Contact Persons: Ruzanna Khachatryan, Gayane Dallakyan
“Arkanel” NGO; 26 Vagharshyan Str.apt.26, Yerevan 0012, Republic of Armenia
Tel/Fax: +374 10 26 46 33
e-mail: armenia.crafts@gmail.com

Azerbaijan: Contact Person: Nijat Nariman
“Ekosfera” Address: Lermontov str., apt.61 Baku, AZ1006, Azerbaijan

Contact Persons: Ana Shanshiashvili / Irina Mania;
Georgian Arts and Culture Centre; Address: 7 Niko-Nikoladze str. 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2931335;
e- mail:

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