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Cave City Vardzia, 12th-13th cc. Georgia
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The Church of the Virgin in Timotesubani, 12th - 13th cc., Georgia
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Village Ushguli, Svaneti, Georgia

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Europa Nostra Georgia

We are the Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe
Europa Nostra represents some 250 non-governmental organisations, 150 associate organisations and 1500 individual members from more than 50 countries who are fully committed to safeguarding Europe’s cultural heritage and landscapes. Together, we provide a powerful network for dialogue and debate, we celebrate the best heritage achievements; we campaign against threats to vulnerable heritage buildings, sites and landscapes, and we lobby for sustainable policies and high quality standards with regard to heritage..

Georgia joined Europa Nostra networok in 2016 and Georgian Arts and Culture Center became the official reporesentative of Europa Nostra in Georgia 

Mission of Europa Nostra Georgia:
* To assist Georgian institutions and individuals working in the field of cultural and natural heritage to join Europa Nostra Network
* To assist presentation of Georgian Natural and Cultural Heritage in the European context
* Introduction of European standards of the safeguarding of natural and cultural heritage in Georgia
* To reveal the endangered Georgian heritage and support its nomination to the programme of 7 Most Endengered Programme
* To provide assistance to the Georgian organizations in submition of their projects to the European Union Awards / Europa Nostra Prize




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