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Georgia in time and space

Technical data
Exhibition Brochure

The exhibition “Georgia: A Journey Through Land, History and Culture” presents chronicles of cultural and historic processes, which took place during the centuries on the territory of united Georgia, artifacts originated from the different parts of Georgia, their specific features and identity of Georgian culture. Chronologically it covers emergence of the “First European”, its everlasting existence on the Georgian land and stages of development, which played an important role in the progress of whole civilization. The exhibition displays important cultural centers, unique artifacts of archaeological period, intangible and material cultural monuments of sacred and secular importance, samples of architecture and wall painting, metalwork and stone carving, manuscripts, historic and ethnographic photos.

The exhibition display consists of posters, information texts, documentaries and video installations.




March, 2010 -Batumi Archaeological Museum
November, 2009 - "OPA - Centro Arte e Cultura" Florence, Italy
May, 2008 - UN Headquarters NY, USA



Technical data


19 photo-poster - 120 x 80
10 Information Texts - 110 x 60
Map of Georgia (illustrated) -100 x70
motives created according to the archaeological monuments – jewelry and small plastic;
Samples of folk crafts and national costumes

Exposition Space Approx. 80-10 sq.m.


moving light panels - 30 pieces 
Shop window with the light - 3 pieces
pump (approx. 70 x 30 x 30) – 5-7- pieces; 2 model
LCD projector, screen and computer (or DVD player, Monitor)
Music Centre

Polygraphic material Poster
Brochure (English, French) 

Comission Fee

Transportation Transportation will be provided by the host


200 kg

Safety/security medium

Point of Contact

Tea Gotsiridze, Manager of the Gallery