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"Ancient Georgia - Crossroads of Europe and Asia"


Situated in south Caucasus, between Black and Caspian Seas, Georgia from the ancient times had a role of the crossrosad between Europe and Asia. This geographical position clearly reflected in Georgian civilization, which has been influenced by Western as well as Eastern cultures. Possessing one of the most ancient cultures in the world, with early Paleolithic sites from 1.9 to 2.0 million years ago this tiny country is rich in archaeological sites filled with evidence of the advanced tate of Georgia 's civilization, including skilled works in bronze, silver and gold. Georgia 's importance as a trade region has also meant a wide influence of Persian, Greek Roman and Byzantine, traditions into Georgia , which the Georgians skillfully incorporated into their culture while retaining its uniqueness.

The exhibition comprised of a series of multimedia presentation, photographs, posters and pedestals displays of modern replicas - motifs of ancient Georgian gold jewelry. The originals were discovered on archaeological sites in Georgia and date from the 25th century BC to the 5th century AD. The concept of the exhibition is to transform these archaeological finds from historical heritage items into contemporary adornments, while preserving their cultural value.

The traveling exhibition focuses on bring together past and present uses various contemporary media to highlight the beauty and understanding of these ancient pieces while demonstrating the artistic innovation of modern design. The design of classically-styles, yet modern dresses, created by yang Georgia fashion designer - Jaba Diasamidze, serves as a background for the modern recreations of the ancient jewelry.

Visitors will not only experience aspects of Georgian culture and Pre-Christian history, but will have the opportunity to try on and purchase the reproductions of the ancient jewelry and decorative ceramics displayed.


Adornment & History
Exhibition Specifications


Jewelry and miniature sculpture - motives of ancient pieces; b/w and color photographs, labels, 2 text panels, map of Georgia; Documentary on archaeological findings, 5 dresses
Exhibition Area Approx.80 -100 sq.m.
Equipment needed

Panels with lightning 40 running meters;
hanger for 2 kg metal figure height 2.2cm
5 podiums 20x50x50cm; 5 mannequins
7-12 pedestals 60-70x40x40 cm
Overhead projector and computer for documentary (file format: AVI)
TV-DVD set
CD player

Printing materials Posters
Exhibition Brochure (English, Franch)
Catalogue "Georgian National Treasures"
Lending Fee -
Shipping Host covers expences of door to door shipping
Weight 200 kg
Security Moderate
Contacts Tea Gotsiridze, Gallery Manager


2007 - K Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2006 - April-May State Archaeological Museum-researve of Great Mtskheta, Georgia

2006 - February Marie 16em arrodisment, Paris, France

2005 - Centre Culturel de Rencontre
Abbaye de Neumunster, Luxemburg

2005 - February USA Tour: IFC,
Washington DC;
Texas University, Austin, Texas

2004 - GACC Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

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