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"History, Style, Costume”
Exhibition of Theatrical Costumes
17.02.2001- 08.04.2001

“The exhibition covers three halls and is festive throughout…
This exhibition is a new concept in Georgian exhibition practice…”
Newspaper “Ganatleba” 29.03.2001

“I am astonished, excited, and  bow down before the bravery of these women – professionals who granted the opportunity to people, especially youth, to see and feel the thrill of touch with the rich culture of Theater. Thanks for the chance to be a witness to your triumphs”
S. Zaitsev  7.04.2001

On display: the costumes and props designed by the Georgian artists for plays, movies, opera and ballet.
Collection of Z.Paliashvili State Theater of Opera and Ballet, Rustaveli State Academic Theater, K.Marjanishvili State Dramatic Theater, Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet, Tumanishvili Theater, Griboedov State Theater, Anjaparidze One Actor Theater, State Museum of Theater, Movies and Music, Tbilisi Movie Studio, and the privet collections of S.Kobulashvili, A.Vasadze, M.Nakashidze, T.Chavchavadze, L.Tabukashvili, O.Vepkhvadze, M.Asatiani, N.Asatiani.

The innovative conceptual and artistic expression of the display – the attempt to create a sense of unity between the exhibits and the viewer – is a new trend in Georgian Expositional Art. The “language of expression” was the creative synthesis of different artistic media.

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