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The Cultural Heritage of Goeorgia:
Abkhazeti and Shida Kartli

Exhibition Specifications
Exhibition brochure

Over the centuries, the ancient nation of Georgia, located at the crossroads of the European and Asian civilizations, has created its own cultural identity, well known to international scholarship. Georgia’s advantageous geographical position has not only been a key factor in the development of the nation’s civilization and culture, but also brought invasions and other challenges at many times in Georgia’s history.

The current exhibition displays a wide range of the cultural and artistic achievements of the Georgian people. They were created over the centuries in the parts of historical Georgian territories – Abkhazeti and Shida (inner) Kartli – the territories most recently victimized by an unprovoked external assault.

The traveling exhibition consistes of Photo posters of the historical and cultural monuments from the conflict regions of Georgia, and the Artistic motives of the archaeological findings from the territories of Abkhazeti and Shida Kartli

Read about the conference "The Cultural Heritage of Goeorgia: Abkhazeti and Shida Kartli".


Presented on:
February 3, 2009

Exhibition Hall of TBC Bank
Head Office, Tbilisi, Georgia


The Cultural Heritage of Georgia: Abkhazeti and Shida Kartli
Exhibition Specifications
Contents 16 colored panels (120 x 80 cm);
4 text panels;
Map of Georgia;
Display of artistic motifes of the archaeological findings
Exhibition Area Approx.80 -100 sq.m.
Equipment needed

Panels with lightning 20 running meters;
3 Showcases for display of motifes (150x40x40 cm)
Overhead projector and computer for slideshow (file format: PPT)
CD player

Printing materials Posters
Exhibition Brochure (English) See PDF version
Lending Fee -
Shipping Host covers expences of door to door shipping
Weight 200 kg
Security Moderate
Contacts Tea Gotsiridze, Gallery Manager