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Exhibition "Georgian Living Heritage"

Doha, Qatar - 17-30 January, 2016
The Exhibition organized under the Patronage of the Embassy of Georgia to the State of Qatar in cooperation with Katara Cultural Village.

Exhibition presenting traditional and contemporary handicrafts and applied arts from Georgia inspired by a language form developed over centuries, the exhibits bear testimony to Georgian creativity and bring to life Georgia’s manifold cultural and artistic relations at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

In addition to original exhibits, the show uses various contemporary media to highlight the beauty and understanding of these ancient pieces, including several multimedia presentations and three-dimensional photographs of ancient artifacts.

Display presents:

* Exhibition `Adornment and History`  by Georgian Arts and Culture Center
The exhibition comprised of a series of multimedia presentations, photographs, posters and pedestals displays of modern replicas - motifs of ancient Georgian gold jewelry. The originals were discovered on archaeological sites in Georgia and dated from the 25th century BC to the 5th century AD. The concept of the exhibition is to transform archaeological finds from historical heritage items into contemporary adornments, while preserving their cultural value.
Adornments from the “Istoriali” Collection
Georgian National Treasuries in Tree Dimension Photography by Tamar Aslanadze
"The Great Barrows” documentary by Toma Chagelishvili
"Antiquities of Mtskheta” Documentary, 1946
Video Installations
Musical background by Nikoloz Rachveli  

* Traditional and Contemporary handicrafts and applied arts:
The paintings by Georgian noble artist Levan Chogoshvili
The Batik works by Textile Art Studio LA MAISON BLEUE (Nino Kvavilashvili, Eka Khuntsaria, Irma Khoperia, Nino Khoperia)
Georgian traditional clothes - `Samoseli Pirveli` collections
Ceramic works by: Ceramic Gallery „White Studio“ (Nato Eristavi),  Gigisha Pachkoria, Giorgi Tatulashvili, Ioseb Gotsadze.
Cloisonné Enamel & Jewelry by: Levan Mindorashvili, Giorgi Mindorashvili, Giga Iakobashvili.
Wood works by: Zaza Gatenashvili, Zurab Misriashvili.
Traditional Georgian blue table-cloth by Nikoloz Nutsubidze.

The exhibition also incorporates the Cold Batik Workshop by La Maison Blue Artist Nino Kvavilashvili


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