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Proceedings of the
Vakhtang Beridze 1st
Int. Symposium of Georgian Culture

Publication introduces the full papers presented at the symposium "Georgian Art in the Context of European and Asian Cultures".(available in English)
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Georgia - A Journey through
Land, History and Culture

This  richly illustrated booklet  (18 pages ) contains 9 text concerning Georgian culture, art, history, ethnography etc. Good choice for the general acquaintance with Georgia. Available in English and French.
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The Cultural Heritage of Georgia -
Abkhazeti, Shida Kartli

The booklet represents the cultural heritage monuments from two regions of Georgia - Abkhazeti and Shida Kartli. (out of stock) see internal pages...


National Treasures of Georgia

Twenty-three essays by scholars all over the world give a vivid portrayal of Georgia's heritage in history, literature and manuscript production. 150 objets are presented and their range is vast: Neolithic ceramics, cloisonne enamel and gold repousse work..
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